Thursday, November 29, 2012

Win Back the Cost of Christmas with Kalixa

Follow Kalixa on Twitter to grab even more great giveaways, above and beyond the chance to win back everything you spend on your Kalixa Card over Christmas. Our exclusive prize draw competition is in full swing, so if you haven't entered yet, enter now!

Join in the Kalixa Christmas conversation on Twitter and you could be one of the lucky cardholders to win a £20 flash-prize just by retweeting our Yuletide yabberings.

Follow us on Twitter now and lets share the Christmas joy!

See you there!

The Kalixa Team

p.s. you must have an activated Kalixa prepaid MasterCard for us to load the money onto

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to… Refer a friend to Kalixa and earn £5

In this “How to ….” blog we’re going to explain how you can refer a friend to Kalixa and earn £5 for you both when they sign up.

Firstly, a couple of notes:
  • To refer, you must be a Kalixa cardholder with access to your online account 
  • The person you are referring must register for their Kalixa card with the same email address that you recommend them with. 
  • The person you are referring must register and make their initial load onto their card within 30 days of you referring them 
  • Refer 5 people and receive £5 for each (and they will each receive £5 on their card also)

Kalixa prepaid MasterCard homepage
1. Visit
Step 1: Visit homepage, and log-in with your username and password as normal

Step 2:
Click on the “Recommend Kalixa” banner or on the “Refer a friend” link in the l.h.s navigation

Kalixa account log-in
2. Click Refer a friend

Step 3:
Scroll down to the area which says “Your friends details” and enter a first name, surname and email for each friend you want to refer. Please note that your friends must register with the same email address as you provide here.
Kalixa refer a friend screen
The refer a friend screen
Entry for up to 5 names on the refer a friend form
The form has space for 5 names - so you can refer 5 people at once, or repeat
the process with each person individually.
Step 4:
Add any additional message to your friend(s) – it will appear in the email they receive from Kalixa.

Refer a friend email
4: Add a personal message to your friend
Step 5:
Press the button marked “Send Email” and your message will be sent to your friend (s). Your friends email will arrive ….it’s now up to them to register for Kalixa and make their initial load.

Confirmation screen
5: You recommend message will be sent...
Refer a friend email
..and received by each recipient in their email inbox.

Step 6:
If you want to see the status of your referrals, simply click on the “My Referrals” on the l.h.s navigation when you are signed in.
Status of Kalixa referrals
Check the status of your referrals

The £5 referral will be credited directly to your Kalixa account (and £5 to the person you recommended)

It's as simple as that - so log into now and earning money by referring friends.

The Kalixa Team

Friday, July 20, 2012

Win £2,000 – just load Kalixa with Ukash

Ukash is the convenient, safe and secure way to load your Kalixa Card with cash – and we’ve teamed up with them to give away £2,000 throughout this spectacular summer of sports*! All you have to do for your chance to win is load your Kalixa Card with Ukash. And to make it even better, we’re slashing the loading fee to 1.99%.

Win one of two £1,000 prizes with Ukash and Kalixa prepaid MasterCard
Win one of two £1,000 prizes with Ukash and Kalixa prepaid MasterCard
For your chance to win £2000, simply follow these steps:
  1. Buy a Ukash voucher from any outlet displaying the PayPoint or Payzone logos (find your nearest outlet)
  2. Log in to your eAccount and choose Ukash as your load method
  3. Enter your 19-digit Ukash code – your funds will be available immediately on your Kalixa Card
Each time you load with Ukash, it will be treated as a separate entry into our competition, the more times you load, the more chances you have of winning one of our two £1,000 prizes.
We’ll then draw two lucky winners of £1,000 each, one on August 13th, and a second on September 10th – so load now for YOUR chance to win!

*All customers that deposit between the 26th July 2012 to the 9th September 2012, will automatically be entered into both draws to win the prize pools of £1000.
All winners will be announced via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why choose Kalixa instead of PayPal when shopping online?

PayPal is one of the great internet brands in terms of it’s longevity in the market place, brand awareness, and let’s be honest – functionality. As a method of buying /selling goods over the internet from a complete stranger, it was and still is, a great tool.

Outside of eBay, PayPal is now visible on many small and large websites alike as a payment method. As a consumer, we are no longer required to have a PayPal account, but instead can use a debit or credit card online, using the PayPal checkout.

This route is becoming increasingly popular on small sites, because of the ease of integration for the online retailer. And as a consumer, we trust the PayPal brand as much as the old guards: MasterCard, Visa and Amex. But despite the comfort of seeing PayPal, then we must consider the costs of using this payment method, specifically when shopping overseas.

If you are making a purchase from an overseas website, such as in the US then PayPal will convert the transaction using their own exchange rate. If you make the payment with Kalixa, and opt to use the exchange rate offered by your card provider (i.e. Kalixa) then you will make a saving of over 3% on the transaction.

Why? Simply because Kalixa passes on the interbank rate to its consumers – so unlike PayPal (and other payment providers) there is no mark-up on the exchange rate. The chart below illustrates the savings made on purchases using exchange rates on the 9th May 2012.

When you've searched for a great bargain online, why not make sure you make savings with your choice of payment method too? Pay with your Kalixa prepaid MasterCard and you can save 3% compared to PayPal.

Aside from the savings, Kalixa offers similar benefits to its cardholders as PayPal does when shopping online. The Kalixa prepaid card is not linked to your bank account, so, in the unlikely event of your Kalixa card details being lost or stolen, then the impact of fraud is mitigated as it’s not connected to any of your other accounts or your personal identity.
And if the card is lost or stolen, then simply call the 24 hour number and your card will be blocked immediately, and a replacement card sent out to you – your funds are fully protected.

So, aside from the benefits and the savings you can make with Kalixa – but what would be the other costs associated with the Kalixa card? There is the registration fee of £6.95 – this buys you the Kalixa contactless Prepaid MasterCard, shipped to your door within 7 days. Then there are the costs of putting funds onto your card – loading via bank transfer in branch at Barclays, or via internet banking is free and the funds are typically available the next working day. Unlike many other prepaid cards, there are no monthly or annual card fees.

While we’re not suggesting you get a Kalixa Card for a single purchase from a US website, we think that if you regularly shop online, then it makes a lot of sense. What’s more, the same great exchange rate applies when you go on holiday abroad too – no matter where in the world that is.

We think it’s worth considering when you next decide to purchase online. If you're interested, you can apply for your Kalixa prepaid MasterCard online

Note: You can check the exchange rate on Kalixa either today, or historically online

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Win tickets to The BRIT Awards 2012 with MasterCard

Well, it’s that time of year again: food, wine, music, hotel … no, not Valentine’s Day – we’re talking about The BRIT Awards 2012, with MasterCard.

Win a priceless night out at The BRIT Awards 2012
We’re giving away 2 tickets to The BRITs on 21st February at London’s O2 Arena in our exclusive prize draw. Join the fun at the UK’s biggest music party, with performances from the biggest stars in the business such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Florence + the Machine, Blur, Adele, Bruno Mars, and many more.

But it gets better: you’ll also win tickets to the MasterCard after-show party, a voucher for a pre-event meal at the O2 Arena, a night’s accommodation for two at a luxury London hotel, plus return transfers to and from The BRIT Awards and your hotel.

It’s a great prize, and it’ll certainly be a night to remember. For your chance to win, just sign up for our prize draw, then use or load your Kalixa prepaid MasterCard before the 16th February. Each time you use or load your Kalixa Card you’ll get another chance to win this priceless experience.

Don’t have a Kalixa Card? Don’t let that stop you entering. If you apply for your Kalixa Card now, you’ll technically be a Kalixa cardholder (even if you haven’t got your card yet!), and your initial load will count as a chance to win. So just apply for your Kalixa Card and come straight back here and follow the links to our prize draw when you’re done. It only takes a few minutes to sign up online for Kalixa, and there are no credit checks.

Don’t miss out – you’ve only got until 1pm on Thursday 16th February, so enter now. And if you win, all we ask is that you take plenty of photos of the big night … and if you could also get Rihanna’s phone number for us while you’re there, we’d be ever so grateful.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kalixa is 3 today!

Yay! And to celebrate (apart from stuffing ourselves with birthday cake), we’re sharing the joy by offering a FREE Kalixa prepaid MasterCard when you sign up over the next 14 days and make an initial deposit of £50 or more – which means you save £4.95.

Kalixa, the prepaid MasterCard, turns 3 today -
register before 14 Feb to receive the card for free
So, we were reminiscing today. Over birthday cake. Obviously. It’s been a busy 3rd year here at Kalixa, but a good one too. We saw former Open Champion and Kalixa ambassador Paul Lawrie win the Open de AndalucĂ­a de Golf in Malaga, Spain; we won the ‘Best Newcomer Prepaid Card’ accolade at the Prepaid365 Card Awards 2011; we added a new offline load method with Ukash (which means Kalixa customers can load their cards on the high street, at tens of thousands of outlets around the UK displaying the PayPoint, Payzone or epay signs); we sent a lucky family on a 2-night stay at Disneyland Paris, for a magical Christmas experience, and we rolled-out our Refer-a-Friend facility which, in a nutshell, means that Kalixa cardholders get a fiver when one of their friends signs up – and then their friend gets a fiver, too. Nice.

But not as nice as this cake. Which we're not sharing. Nom.

Monday, January 30, 2012

What is a prepaid card?

While prepaid cards are not a new phenomenon, they are less common than debit cards or credit cards and as such many consumers are unfamiliar with them. In actual fact, if you currently have a debit card or credit card, then you will be very familiar with a UK issued prepaid card - bearing either the Visa or MasterCard logo, prepaid cards are 'chip and pin' - this is the electronic chip in the card which when inserted into a POS terminal or cash machine, requires the user to enter a 4 digit pin number to confirm the transaction.

Prepaid cards have a 16 digit number printed along the front of the card, along with a start date, expiry date and on the reverse you will find the 3 digit CVC number. The majority of prepaid cards are personalised i.e. they have the cardholder's name printed on them, though this is not always the case (it is possible to buy an anonymous prepaid cards in some retail outlets).

Prepaid cards from MasterCard and Visa are a
growing phenomenon in the UK
A prepaid card can be used to withdraw cash from a cash machine, to make a purchase at a retailer, on-line or via telephone. So given that all seems so similar to the existing plastic card you carry around in your wallet, you may well ask what is the difference is between a debit or credit card and a prepaid card?

Well, the fundamental difference is that a prepaid card must be pre-loaded with funds prior to it being used. If you load £100 on your prepaid card, then you may only spend £100 - load £5,000 and you can spend £5,000. You cannot go a penny over your limit - it's as simple as that. There are no exceptions and no associated fees if you do exceed your limit - simply because it's not possible!

The chances are you may already be using some kind of prepaid payment already - whether it's a physical card or not. You may have a prepaid or 'pay as you go' mobile phone, or an Oyster travel card or you may have a Starbucks card. Or possibly you are one of the growing number of consumers in the UK that already have a prepaid MasterCard or prepaid Visa Card.

Either way, we hope you are finding it a valuable and useful payment method. We'll shortly be bringing you some of the advantages of prepaid cards in general and understandably Kalixa prepaid MasterCard in particular.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to the Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard

Here at Kalixa, we have set-up a new blog home here on where we'll be updating you all with various commentary from the team about new product features for Kalixa in the UK, and reporting on a range of cardholder offers and competitions that we run regularly.

If you're unsure what Kalixa is and have just run across this post, then allow us to explain. Kalixa is a combined online eAccount and prepaid MasterCard. Anyone can register online and by simply loading your eAccount with £10, you can be up and running within 2 minutes. With just your username and password, you can use funds from your eAccount at the 20+ websites that show Kalixa as an accepted payment methods.

The Kalixa prepaid MasterCard
Once you have registered, you will receive your plastic Kalixa MasterCard in the post within 7-10 days. This is a regular chip and pin card which can be used in exactly the same way as any other MasterCard: in a shop, or cash machine you will need to enter your 4 digit PIN, and if you use it online or over the phone you quote the 16 digit number across the card, along with the expiry date and 3-digit CVC number on the back of the card.

As it's a prepaid MasterCard, you cannot go overdrawn - you can only spend the balance available on your card. It's easy to load your Kalixa Card and we support a wide range of methods to do this, from a free bank transfer, loading by debit or credit card, Ukash, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).

It costs £4.95 to register for the card, which is deducted from your initial £10 deposit. After that, there are no monthly account charges, and there are no charges on transactions online or in store. You can load up to £3,000 per week and the card limit it £9,000. A full list of all the fees and limits is available on our website at

One of the best things about the card is when you are travelling. There are no Foreign Exchange (often known as FX) fees on transactions overseas and at Kalixa, we offer you the interbank rate with no commission. This is absolutely the best rate available and so it can save you an awful lot of money when you are travelling. Even better, is that this applies regardless of where you go in the world and when you come back, you can continue to use your Kalixa in the UK without any further fees or penalties (unlike other specialist travel cards!). But we will be updating you more on this later.

In the meantime, please enjoy - if you would like a Kalixa prepaid MasterCard, then you can register online. You can  find out more about the loading options, or fees and limits of the card, or alternatively you can follow us on twitter, or like us on Facebook.

We look forward to catching up with you very soon.

The Kalixa Team