Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to… Refer a friend to Kalixa and earn £5

In this “How to ….” blog we’re going to explain how you can refer a friend to Kalixa and earn £5 for you both when they sign up.

Firstly, a couple of notes:
  • To refer, you must be a Kalixa cardholder with access to your online account 
  • The person you are referring must register for their Kalixa card with the same email address that you recommend them with. 
  • The person you are referring must register and make their initial load onto their card within 30 days of you referring them 
  • Refer 5 people and receive £5 for each (and they will each receive £5 on their card also)

Kalixa prepaid MasterCard homepage
1. Visit
Step 1: Visit homepage, and log-in with your username and password as normal

Step 2:
Click on the “Recommend Kalixa” banner or on the “Refer a friend” link in the l.h.s navigation

Kalixa account log-in
2. Click Refer a friend

Step 3:
Scroll down to the area which says “Your friends details” and enter a first name, surname and email for each friend you want to refer. Please note that your friends must register with the same email address as you provide here.
Kalixa refer a friend screen
The refer a friend screen
Entry for up to 5 names on the refer a friend form
The form has space for 5 names - so you can refer 5 people at once, or repeat
the process with each person individually.
Step 4:
Add any additional message to your friend(s) – it will appear in the email they receive from Kalixa.

Refer a friend email
4: Add a personal message to your friend
Step 5:
Press the button marked “Send Email” and your message will be sent to your friend (s). Your friends email will arrive ….it’s now up to them to register for Kalixa and make their initial load.

Confirmation screen
5: You recommend message will be sent...
Refer a friend email
..and received by each recipient in their email inbox.

Step 6:
If you want to see the status of your referrals, simply click on the “My Referrals” on the l.h.s navigation when you are signed in.
Status of Kalixa referrals
Check the status of your referrals

The £5 referral will be credited directly to your Kalixa account (and £5 to the person you recommended)

It's as simple as that - so log into now and earning money by referring friends.

The Kalixa Team