Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We asked 2,000 British holiday-makers about their spending activity abroad...

As much as we all try to stick to a budget when we go on holiday, our research into the holiday habits of Brits abroad reveals things don’t always go to plan, as shown in the handy infographic below..

This can be down to a combination of things such as getting confused about exchange rates, underestimating costs, being unaware of hidden payment charges from our banks or simply getting lost in the moment and losing our spending inhibitions when abroad.

Life is for living and there seems to be a growing tendency to embrace the holiday spirit which is great, so long as it doesn’t come at a huge cost to our personal finances further down the line.

Proper planning, budgeting and knowing our finances are secure can help to ensure a well-deserved break is enjoyed with that all-important peace of mind. The Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard® can help provide that peace of mind, offering a simple, cost effective and secure solution to spending – both at home and abroad.
We asked 2,000 British holiday makers about their spending activity abroad. This is what they said....

Our study of 2000 British holiday-makers revealed that:
  • 55% say that they usually take their spending money abroad in the form of cash
  • 65% say that keeping their holiday money secure while abroad is a constant concern
  • 43% say that 'common sense flies out the window' where money is concerned when on holiday
  • 25% don't save ahead for their foreign holidays, relying on credit cards to get by
  • 25% take 3 months or longer to pay off their holiday overspending
  • £600 is the average amount saved for a typical 2 week holiday abroad
  • £150 is the amount by which the average Brit will go over budget while on holiday
  • 1 in 10 spend all their holiday money within 2 days of arrival
  • 30% of British tourists blow their entire budget in under 5 days
  • The average Brit runs out of money 7 days into a 2 week break
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