Thursday, July 31, 2014

Going down under with my Kalixa Pay card

My name is Jennifer and I have family that live in Australia. 
My mother and I both love Australia, and although we have been there before, we were desperate to go back again.  So last November we went on a trip of a life time that included not only Australia but also Singapore, with a short stop in Dubai both on the way in and out.  I wanted to take a flexible card that I could use in all three different countries and wouldn't need to take lots of different currencies with me.  I also much prefer using a prepaid card to a credit card, as I hate to feel in debt, so a Kalixa Pay card worked just perfectly for me.

We arrived at Changi Airport, in Singapore, at 3 o clock in the afternoon.  We had a quick rest and shower and went straight out on a tour around Singapore.  We had a lovely meal at a fabulous restaurant, and had a walk around the markets of Singapore.  It was just wonderful. We used the taxi service a lot in Singapore, and the taxi drivers take payment cards out there, so the Kalixa Pay card came in very useful for this. During our time in Singapore we also went on a bike ride, which was just fabulous, and then afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel. I used my Kalixa Pay card there, and the tea and cakes were just amazing. It really was out of this world.

We travelled from Singapore to Darwin, and in Darwin I went swimming with a crocodile! OK, I was in a large plastic box so it was very safe, but still scary! This was at Crocosaurus Cove in the centre of Darwin, and it was just amazing. We also went to Wanggi Falls, which is an absolutely beautiful waterfall in Litchfield National Park. It really was lovely.
Then a few days in Alice Springs, and long enough to visit Ayres Rock, and have champagne at sunset at the foot of the rock, which was just beautiful. We finished our trip around Australia in Perth, where we went for a cycle ride around Rottnest Island. We had a swim in the beautiful clear sea, and stroked a little quokka!! It really is a beautiful island.

All in all we had the most amazing trip which was made much easier by having our Kalixa Pay card. Just can’t wait to do it all again!

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