Monday, August 18, 2014

Rachel used her Kalixa Pay card to help budget for her family holiday

I have taken my Kalixa card abroad twice now and its proved itself invaluable. Not only in saving towards my holiday but also budgeting while I was away. I am completely useless with money and it tends to run through my fingers like water, I haven't managed to have a holiday in 3 years. The Kalixa card has helped me achieve the impossible. In May 2014 I went to Jerez De La Frontera (Mainland Spain) I initially saved for my holiday on my card and then loaded it again prior to my trip to use abroad with half of my spending money with the other half I converted cash into euros. I loved going away with the added security that should I loose my cash or have it stolen, I had my card as a backup and once I spent my cash I could use it for making those all important duty free purchases on the way home.

Using the card abroad to make purchases was plain and simple and exactly the same as using it in the UK and when I withdrew cash the small charge I incurred was clearly explained. I was so impressed with the simplicity of using my Kalixa card I did not hesitate to use it again to travel to Majorca in July 2014 again budgeting for my holiday and then for spending money while I was away.

I am currently saving for a trip to Disneyland Paris and am using my Kalixa card again, I don't know what I ever did without it!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pass the Passport

We're trying to deal with the Pass the Passport comments and messages coming in as quickly as possible. We're in touch with the ASA who are aware of the promotion. If you believe that you have genuinely won a prize please send us an email, with your personal details, the link or screenshot to before 15:00 on Saturday 2nd August and we will investigate this for you. In the meantime we really appreciate your patience.

Pass the Passport

Kalixa is proud to be an FCA regulated business and in turn we take the allegations relating to our Pass the Passport Facebook game very seriously indeed. We devised the Pass the Passport game as a way to help our customers get the most out of their Summer and are delighted that, so far, over 3000 people have played the game with 30 people winning prizes so far.

Unfortunately it has been bought to our attention that one Facebook user has illegally compromised the game resulting in that person accessing illegitimate prize win pages. The same user has since shared and posted links (to the higher value prizes) on some internet forums / blogs resulting in a number of users bypassing the actual game and submitting a claim using one of these traceable links. To make sure the game remained fair for everyone who has played using the Facebook App we made the decision that we would only be rewarding winners who have played the game as intended and described in the T&Cs and not from the links that have been made public.

We are obviously very disappointed that the App was able to be compromised in the first place and we are taking this very seriously with our game delivery partner. To avoid any further reputational damage we have made the difficult decision to cancel this promotion. We are able to easily identify the winners who have played the game via the App as per the T&Cs so please rest assured that all genuine prizes won to date are being awarded and received. The remaining prizes that have not yet been won will all be donated to charity.